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Cicero Beverage Co. Salted Caramel Root Beer

now this is why i do this website. well, mostly because i love root beers and the ilk, but also because every once in a while a company will contact me and offer to send some soda over. about 15 years ago i got a hat and a couple t shirts from different companies even! but this time, Cicero, who make the Capones Family Secret soda line, emailed and said they had developed a new root beer and wanted to send me some before it was released to the public. that is rad in itself. they said it was a salted caramel root beer, that is awesome in itself. then the package came and let me tell you, THAT was amazing in itself. in the big box was a lot of packing peanuts! woo hoo! oh wait, then there was a small treasure chest in there too. i pulled it out, being careful not to spill any of the foam as my cats seem to think it is food. inside were two burlap sacks, tied shut. inside each sack was a bottle of the soda. i quickly took some pics and got it in the fridge to chill. i had to try this stuff.

the label i don’t love. there are four different fonts just on the front. the image of a river of caramel running through what i think is Chicago is cool though. i just think the other design could have been a bit better. in the end though it does not affect if the soda is good or not though.
i love salted caramel, it combines salt and sweet in an excellent way. i also love chocolate covered pretzels for the same reason. but would i make a chocolate covered pretzel root beer? i don’t know how you would translate pretzel into a liquid form, so probably not, but a salty chocolate root beer might be interesting.
i have had a couple of caramel root beers by this point. it is a fine subgenre, so will this be a good addition and sub-sub-genre in its own right? let’s see.
that is a sweet drink, woo! the caramel is right up front and definitely making its presence known. the salt though, not as much. i see there is added salt in the ingredients but i like my saltiness to be excessive so i would up that in here too. in fact, when i get salty caramel ice cream i ask for extra salt. the cold stone people recognize me as the crazy salt guy by now i think. the soda is very good though, better than the other caramel root beers i have had so far. it is almost too sweet and syrupy but that is what caramel is like so it gives you that experience in liquid form. it goes right to that edge but does not go over, which is perfect in my opinion. nice job!

Anthony’s Rating: 94
User’s Rating: 89
# of ratings:29

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: IL, online

Obtained in: sent by company
Head: Small Sweetener: sugar
Calories: 180 Sodium: 130mg
Carbs: 45g Sugar: 45g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, natural & artificial flavor, salt (sodium chloride), sodium benzoate (preservative) and citric acid

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  1. Sarbear says:

    The best root beer I have ever had. Way better then Anthony’s!!!

  2. Sarbear says:

    Best root beer around!!! I give it a 100%

  3. michellev says:

    Wow, fantastic soda! Salted Caramel Root beer….genius!

  4. rick b says:

    I just found some of this at the local world market, I really hope world market sells the other two root beers from them.

    I did not like this soda as the other reviewers, I did like it and gave it an 80.

    For all who dont know what caramel is, it is burnt or cooked sugar, and it’s cooked to at least 300 degree’s.

    I thought it was a little to much caramel flavor and it took away from being a root beer, but thats just my opinion.

  5. bonk! says:

    Synthetic caramel taste is too strong. By the end I felt like I was drinking suntan lotion.

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