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in my tireless quest to find all of the root beers the world has to offer, i came upon this company. they also make a birch beer as well as 126 other extracts (many of which are available as alcohol free flavor powders), flavor drops, flavored sugars, flavored salts, herbs, teas and other such things. it seems like quite a diverse and huge thing. i probably should have gotten some of the root beer float flavored sugar too while i was at it although i have no idea what i would do with that. anyway, they are about the furthest thing from a regular soda company i have encountered yet, but perhaps that means they will have an exciting take on the root beer flavor. i doubt it, otherwise people would not want to buy it as root beer flavor extract. i would think people would want as close to the generic, standard flavor with these things as possible.
to test this out i used their homemade root beer recipe. it was rather complicated of an endeavor. i suppose a lot of the extracts do this, but i had to make a syrup and then make the soda from the syrup. making 20 oz or so of just soda would be too small of a measurement of the extract i would think. this time i decided to use seltzer water as my base instead of carbonating with my soda siphon bottle. that makes it a little easier on me at least. i was surprised to see it is a clear root beer, you don’t see that too often. but judging from the naturalness of the company and its ethos i should not be too surprised. why throw caramel color in there if you don’t have to? the photo on the company’s root beer extract page has a very brown drink though, but perhaps that is more to jog people’s memory who may have forgotten what root beer usually looks like.
mixing it up, the flavor came out pretty weak, doing 3 oz of syrup to 13 oz of seltzer i will say. but i did have to measure many things many times so i may have been off a bit in one of my liquid measurements. especially the last one to get 3 oz, so i gave them the benefit of the doubt and added a little bit extra. the taste is actually more birch beer-ish than i would have thought. it is minty, wintergreen flavor with some other herbals in there too, perhaps sassafras. so i was wrong in my assumption above, they did try to go for a different flavor, it is just a more standard birch beer flavor. that is a fine thing, but i wonder what their birch beer will be like now… i shall see in a few days i imagine.

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