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Iron Hill Brewery Root Beer

there are a few locations of the this brewery, a couple of which are about 40 minutes from my office. that is just too far to try to go to at lunch time so I kept putting it off and thinking i will just go there one day after work and go home late. but then i noticed there were a few other breweries in the general south eastern Pennsylvania area so I made a trip of it. well, I planned to, but it did not exactly work out as planned. snow happened and traffic happened and generally finding the places and parking and getting them to give me some soda happened. so i cut it short after around 5 brews instead of the planned for 11. oh well, another trip will have to happen! anyway, this was a nice looking place, if i had the time I would have liked to have eaten there, but i did not have time even if i had the appetite. honestly, i pretty much always have the appetite but on this day there was not the time. they were kind enough to take the time required to properly fill this growler up, as it was quite foamy, i appreciated that.
wow, this is one sweet brew! woo! creamy as well. they stuck to a reasonably normal flavor profile here but that’s alright, it is executed really well. you can’t really argue with a well done, predictable root beer. well, you could, but you’d look awful silly talking to a bottle or can or glass or whatever. you could also hope that they would do something a little different, but they really don’t have it. what else to say? it might make a pretty good float although it might end up too creamy if one did that. i really should do an experiment one day and see, but that is my theory, you want a more herbal, less sweet and creamy soda for the best float action.

Anthony’s Rating: 87
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: DE, NJ, PA

Obtained in: at brewery
Head: Large Sweetener:
Caffeine: No

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  1. Jay Bartos says:

    I enjoy your reviews and looking for some breweries in Ohio that will sell kegs of Rootbeer.

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