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Eclipse Brewing Root Beer

this was the first stop on my 2022 root beer quest. the brewery looked more like a normal house so I was a bit concerned we were in the wrong place, even with a large sign on the side. yet when we walked in the front door, it was definitely the correct location. after a nice welcome and such, I inquired about the root beer. they sold it in glass or in crowlers, which is a can that they fill and seal right there if you were unaware. it is a pretty cool concept and machine. never having had a crowler before and since we had many more stops to go, that was what I went with. my lovely wife got a crowler of beer of some sort which she found delightful indeed when she drank it later in time. the space was cool, a few tables with board games and books and junk, just a fun cool place to hang out for a while. we did not linger too long because of the aforementioned many places to be yet. but now here I am at home cracking open the crowler. as this is two pints, 32 oz, it is quite large and unique. I believe I will have to add a new size to my database for it even. I am rather thirsty but I doubt I will drink this all myself.
the taste on this root beer is nothing too special. if I were to guess I’d say this was made with extract. there is nothing really wrong with that, often extracts make good, solid soda. I just hope for something a little more special. so yeah, this is a quality, standard flavored root beer. much better than mass produced stuff and better than many micro brews so it would do as something to drink while hanging out with friends as they drink their lame-o beers. I am not sure how well a crowler maintains carbonation, but this is pretty decently carbonated, a little low but just enough for making it smooth and adding to the tasting experience. nothing too special or totally worth going out of your way for, but fine and tasty enough.

Anthony’s Rating: 73
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap, 32oz can
Available: NJ

Obtained in: at brewery
Head: Medium Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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