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Ashton Brewing Soft Ash Root Beer

this was actually the last stop on my 2022 root beer quest, but as it is my birthday, or it will be when this is published, I am choosing to review it now, today.
I was kind of excited about this brewery as I had spent 20 years in the neighboring town and cycled down the road this was on probably hundreds of times. now on the root beer journey, as we got closer to the location, I had a feeling that I had been there before, for a different brewery and root beer. when we pulled in I knew I was right. after settling in at the bar with my lady and placing our orders, my gal and I chatted with the bartenders / owners. I mentioned I had been there before, when it was a different brewery and they revealed that it was indeed the former location of Demented Brewing. ah HA! it had the same fun, cool feel as before, a dog hanging out in the corner with its owners, a few other groups just chilling and the friendly proprietors.
the root beer was a good way to end the day I will say, probably the second best of the trip. it has a more distinct taste than the one served at the previous incarnation. there was a nice herbal mix happening in here, behind a more typical root beer taste. it has a nice smooth as well as a creamy taste with a good level of sweetness. there is not a large head on it but really I sort of prefer drinks that way, truth be told. I know most breweries just make a root beer as something to have for the non drinkers, so often it is not a terribly good beverage with anywhere near the level of care that is apparent in their non-root beers. so it is very nice to come across a soda that has had some attention paid to it. it is a shame I am not as close to this place as I used to be, but still it is not too far away

Anthony’s Rating: 90
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: NJ

Obtained in: at brewery
Head: Tiny Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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