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Raccoon River Brewing Co Root Beer

Another huge thanks to Vince in Iowa for trading this to me! Even bigger now that he has told me they decided to close for business shortly. What great timing! Although it looks like a cool place, almost 20 years old now, so it is a real shame they are closing down. Well, in the meantime, let’s see how their root beer is…
well, it is fine. pretty run of the mill which is tricky to write about. it isn’t bad so I can’t complain. it isn’t awesome so I can’t rave and point out the wonderful qualities. but i can say it is what you expect when you order a root beer at a restaurant. there is a good amount of vanilla to make it smooth and creamy along with the proper flavor of herbs and spices, either naturally or artificially generated. it has some caramel notes in there too. so it is a nice balance of sweet and sharp with the herbs to merge the two.
since they are going away, I feel like I should drink the whole growler. perhaps I shall eventually, but for now I will seal it up again and finish this review off.

Anthony’s Rating: 76
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: IA

Obtained in: trade with Vince in IA
Head: Medium Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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