Hummingbird Hill Sarsaparilla

I had hoped I would find the other two sodas in the Hummingbird Hill trinity of sodas, and the good doctor came through for me yet again to deliver the goods! Strangely the ingredients on all three are identical, as is the nutritional info. it has been some time since i had the root beer so I don’t recall it exactly, which is a good thing or it may bias my review.
I did see though that the root beer had a ‘huge’ head and the rating was bad. this is obviously different as it has no head at all and is actually pretty tasty. it is especially tasty if you like licorice because that is what the flavor is dominated by. i don’t think i’ve had a sarsaparilla that was so licorice tasting, so that is unusual in itself. it is not a bad thing, it definitely fits in with what i’d expect from a sarsaparilla, a more heavy, serious flavor than a root beer. it could use more carbonation and it is a bit watery at times, yet it is not a bad drink at all. if nothing else it is unusual in a good way, so they get some bonus for that.

Anthony’s Rating: 78
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: WA

Obtained in: trade with Eric
Head: Tiny Sweetener: sugar
Calories: 150 Sodium: 5mg
Carbs: 36g Sugar: 36g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, natural and imitation flavors, caramel, vanilla, citric acid

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