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Blue Sky Root Beer Encore

now this is a soda I have been after for years. I knew it existed and I could get it through mail order sources, but I did not really want to spend mail order prices to get a canned root beer. particularly with the sub-par sodas I have had thus far from Blue Sky, it seemed wasteful. I just knew I would encounter it somewhere out in the world where I would not have to buy a whole case or whatever. And find it I did! Richmond, VA was the scene of the find. I actually found the other Blue Sky Root Beer I was questing for at the same time, so it was a very happy day.
I must admit I find it a bit strange that this company does both a ‘natural’ and an ‘organic’ root beer plus a ginseng root beer, but it is fine by me, more sodas to review! it is made by Hansen’s actually, whether that is good or bad I can’t say. but it is again different from their Hansen’s Creamy Root Beer. this one is all certified organic and uses cane juice or cane sugar depending on which part of the can you read, although I suppose they can be the same thing anyway. they also proclaim all over it that it contains no fruit juice. i would doubt anyone would think it does, but hey, can’t hurt to make sure, right? I also am a little surprised that they put caramel color in here, seeing as how it has been linked to health issues. but 99.9% of root beers have it, so it is not unusual, just not needed really, especially in a drink touting its healthfulness.
upon tasting this, i can see why they specify that it contains so fruit juice, since it tastes like it might. and in this case, that flavor works. wow, i am surprised, i like this. it is different and still comes off as a root beer and is still tasty. it is pretty light tasting and quite sweet. 43 grams of sugar is actually a LOT and that comes through. the taste is refreshing almost, fruity yet rooty. it is a shame this is not more available as it is good. now if only their other sodas stacked up to this one….

Anthony’s Rating: 80
User’s Rating: 0
# of ratings:0

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12 oz can
Available: everywhere

Obtained in: shop in Richmond, VA
Head: Small Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 170 Sodium: 35mg
Carbs: 43g Sugar: 43g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: filtered carbonated water, organic cane juice, natural root beer flavor, caramel color and citric acid

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  1. I just bought this one, its funny, Anthony Mentions Fruit Juice not being in it, to me, it tastes like it was made with Tea. I think this tastes more like a spiced tea, not root beer, to me this is pretty nasty, I give this a 30.

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