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Olde Heritage Root Beer

so i finally broke down and decided i was not going to just find Kutztown White Birch Beer in my travels and that i needed to mail order some. of course i did some searching to get the best price. shipping bottles of soda is quite costly and small companies are usually not too keen on sending free review samples out. most often it is cheapest to buy right from the company but in this case i happened to find another site that sold the desired soda. plus they carried this one too! whoa, a local home brew! crazy! and very cool too of course. i do worry a bit about the fermentation level as it is yeast carbonated, but i won’t get overly concerned about it. as an even cooler bonus, they had shoo fly pies! i love me some shoo fly pie! the one i got was mediocre i will admit though. hopefully it did not set a precedent for stuff purchased in the same order.

anyway, getting to the drink at hand… after a few sips of this, i just can’t bring myself to drink much more. it is just so overwhelmingly yeasty. i don’t like yeast carbonated drinks as much as other carbonation methods it seems anyway but this takes it to another level. perhaps that is historically what root beer was like but it is not what my mouth buds like. i don’t even taste the root beer flavor. i really REALLY want to like this and support a homebrewer and so on but i can’t. it is gross. perhaps it is just this bottle. i do have another at home i will sample too. perhaps it is the shipping time made it carbonate more. or perhaps i should be mixing it up more as there is a lot of sediment on the bottom. i think that would make it even yeastier though. oh well, can’t win em all! the head is pretty nice, that is a bonus. the aftertaste does not linger terribly long either, so that is another plus i suppose.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 1 pint glass bottle, 64 oz glass growler
Available: PA, online

Obtained in: mailorder from Amish Tastes
Head: Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: water, sugar, root beer extract, yeast

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