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Chowning’s Tavern Root Beer

this may very well be the current version of Dominion Root Beer but i haven’t purchased that one in quite a long time so i will just assume it is not. it is probably the same thing as Hard Times Root Beer as the ingredients are the same yet i was told this is a unique recipe for them so i will go with that. most likely they lied to me though. but hey, i need some more new sodas so i will just trust the colonial people. anyway, this soda is made for the restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg by Dominion. If you have never been to Colonial Williamsburg, it is pretty much the Disney World of colonial recreation places. it is a pretty large town with people performing all of the jobs and pretending to live life as it was in colonial times. granted i have not been there in a good 30 years or so myself, but it is rather fun. blacksmiths, farmers, coopers all operate alongside kids rolling hoops, ladies dipping candles and churning butter and other such things. i will have to bring my kids one day.
so the soda you ask? well, the label is fun and sort of old time, with a pen and ink illustration of a fellow trying to uncork a bottle of what i assume to be root beer. he seems to only have two fingers and some rocking fingerless gloves on as well as a fine hat and tunic of sorts. he is very engrossed in the task at hand. very nice.
oh, how does it taste? smooth, sweet and pretty solid. the honey is there and makes itself known but doesn’t take over, which is a nice thing, although i do love honey so i don’t mind when it is stronger. the balance between honey tasting and overly syrupy sweet though is a tough line to tread so it is best to just avoid such matters. there is a little bit of spice in the mix that adds to the yum and the vanilla keeps it creamy and makes it go down cleanly. it is a good root beer, verging on great, but it really does come across similar to many others, even besides the two mentioned above that probably are it.

Anthony’s Rating: 87
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: VA

Obtained in: Delray, FL
Head: Medium Sweetener: sugar, honey
Calories: 170 Sodium: 35mg
Carbs: 42g Sugar: 42g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, honey, root beer extract #214, root beer extract #79-400, citric acid, sodium benzoate – a preservative, yucca, vanilla

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  1. June Yon says:

    Is there anywhere other than Colonial Williamsburg where Chowning’s Root Beer is sold?

  2. I got my bottle at a random store in Florida, so I would say so. I can’t speak to where exactly though.

  3. Mark says:

    I found it online at the Colonial Williamsburg website.

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