Sodas available in Alaska:

Brew (my review links) Main Location Company Website
•49th State Brewing Co Root Beer
Mile 248.4 Parks Hwy, Healy, AK 99743 49th State Brewing Co
Albertson’s A+ Root Beer Old Fashioned Soda
Albertson’s store brand Albertson’s
Always Save Root Beer
Kansas City, KS Always Save
Baranof Island Brewing Co Ben’s Brew Root Beer
Sitka, AK Baranof Island Brewing Co
Braum’s Root Beer
Tuttle, OK Braum’s
Dog n Suds Draft Style Root Beer
Dog n Suds Drive-in Style Root Beer
Dog n Suds Sugar Free Root Beer
Lafayette, IN Dog n Suds
•Glacier Brewhouse Root Beer
Anchorage, AK Glacier Brewhouse
Goose Island Diet Root Beer
Goose Island Root Beer
Chicago, IL Goose Island
•Great Bear Brewing Co Root Beer
Wasilla, AK Great Bear Brewing Co
•Halibut Cove Root Beer
Halibut Cove, AK Halibut Cove
Hansen’s Creamy Diet Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer – old
Hansen’s Signature All Natural Sarsaprilla Soda
Corona, CA Hansen’s
•Hog Haus Brewing Co Frisbee Dog Root Beer
430 W. Dickson Street in Fayetteville, AR Hog Haus Brewing Co
•Jumbo Root Beer
Chattanooga, TN Jumbo
Kroger’s Big K Root Beer
Kroger’s Creamy Ginger Root Beer
Kroger’s Real Sugar Root Beer
Kroger’s store brand Kroger’s
•Moose’s Tooth Brewing Company Bear Tooth Root Beer
1230 West 27th, Anchorage, AK
Oogave Agave Root Beer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer – old formula
Oogave Organic Sarsaparilla
Denver, CO Oogave
Pat’s Backcountry Beverages Bear Foot Root Beer
Talkeetna, AK Pat’s Backcountry Beverages
Rocket Fizz Boosted Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Dad-Gum-it! Rootbeer Butterscotch
Rocket Fizz Double Barrel Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Gene Autry Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Gold Mine Sarsaparilla
Rocket Fizz Joby Joe’s Root Beer Float
Rocket Fizz Labrador Soda Root Beer Butterscotch
Rocket Fizz Root Beer Float
Rocket Fizz Three Stooges Wise Guy Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Tyler the Kid Sarsaparilla
Camarillo, CA Rocket Fizz
Safeway Select Root Beer
Safeway Signature Select Root Beer
Pleasanton, CA Safeway
•Silver Gulch Brewing Root Beer
2195 Old Steese Highway North, Fairbanks, AK Silver Gulch Brewing
•Skagway Brewing Co Root Beer
Broadway & 7th, Skagway, AK 99840 Skagway Brewing Co
•Sleeping Lady Brewing Co Root Beer
Anchorage, AK Sleeping Lady Brewing Co
Thomas Kemper Pure Draft Root Beer
Thomas Kemper Purely Natural Root Beer
Thomas Kemper Root Beer Cane Sugar Soda
Portland, OR Thomas Kemper
Villa Pizza Root Beer
by Ola Company, Fort Plain, NY Villa Pizza

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  1. JPMac says:

    Sam’s Club RB isn’t here. I got some at a Wal-mart,$5 for a dozen cans. The stuff is foul, I’d say two parts crappy syrup, 6 parts soda water, 2 parts the contents of an ashtray.

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