birch beers

Briar’s Premium Birch Beer

well, this tastes like a root beer, strangely. a darn good one at that though so i am not complaining. a hint of wintergreen i guess could give away that it is a birch beer. but otherwise, a nice little kick to get you going and wanting more more MORE! ya gotta love a soda …

root beers

A & W Root Beer

there is a distinctly different taste difference in buying this in the store and at their restaurants. perhaps because you get it in a rad mug at the restaurant or perhaps it is that fountain / bottled difference. in any case, they are both good. sweet without being syrupy, creamy so it goes down like …

root beers

Skeleteen’s Rat Bastard Root Beer

3rd on the list of worst beverages of all time is this one. it seems that is what they want though, with a name like that, plus it seems to only be in specialty stores. i thought it was some joke drink at first. which it just may be. cuz it sucks as an actual …

root beers

Smucker’s Natural Brew Draft Root Beer – old

pretty much what Virgil’s wants to be, a root beer with a bunch of different, kind of strange flavours that still tastes like a root beer and tastes GOOD. this taste takes a couple swallows to get used to, but you come to appreciate the subtle cinnamon, licorice, clove and wintergreen along with a high …

root beers

Smart & Final Iris Root Beer

another generic root beer, not bad, not good. just average. normal. kinda boring at this point. can’t expect too much more though i suppose. oh well, sometimes i am surprised though. not this time. Anthony’s Rating: 39User’s Rating: 46# of ratings:21 Log in to save your ratings and personal root beer list!