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Bundaberg Root Beer

they claim it is “naturally brewed from sarsaparilla root to our genuince old recipe.” and i can taste that. not that it is bad, it just seems beer-like, probably because it is brewed with malt. yet, it is a soft drink so do not fret my straight edge brethren. it has a very hearty, robust taste, in part from the malt i am sure, but also the molasses. i am not sure if i would ever buy this again, but it is something people should try. if you can find it that is. i am sure you can get it something in the US, besides mailorder, but it is a product of Australia, so it could be difficult.

Anthony’s Rating: 43
User’s Rating: 65
# of ratings:122

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, 375 ml glass bottle
Available: UT, WA, online, Australia

Obtained in: mailorder from
Head: Small Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: water, sugar, natural herbs and spices, molasses, food acid (300), yeast, preservatives (211, 233)+

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  1. Todd B. says:

    Wasn’t thrilled with this root beer at all. I actually found it to be oddly . . . sour. Maybe that’s my inexperience with the malt taste you are referring to, but I find myself wishing I hadn’t gotten a four pack of this stuff from World Market.

  2. kindlerob says:

    Right. Well. Firstly, the bottles are different here in England. They are smaller, like everything except ‘Greed’ here. It’s an observation of mine, that American Cans are 355ML, where as ours are 330ML – Tight asses.

    The Label is Yellow, & you can Purchase them at Waitrose Supermarket at 4Pk – for £3.99.

    The Taste borders on Root Beer, but it is of a fruity flavour, than the well balanced Spice & aged Vanilla. It’s well carbonatled, refreshing & well Brewed suprizingly! But that doesn’t mean it is good! But it IS ok! For what you can get in England that is!

    It’s made in Australia, so that probably explains why it’s the best you can buy Locally. It resembles the taste of ‘Fabulous’ Root Beer you can purchase in Crates from Makro but a stronger flavour. I haven’t seen a Review for that yet though.

    If you really want an Idea what root beer tastes like, this is the closet immitation you can get here for a reasonable price. But nothing compared to A&W of course.

  3. Stacey E says:

    You can find it at Cost Plus World Market. They also have the ginger ale. I found this stuff absolutely revolting.It had a sickly sweet taste that I found unacceptable. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them individually, so I had to choke down three more of them.

  4. Having grown up in the states on IBC (which imho is way better than A&W), Bundaberg is not your typical root beer. It is very fruity in taste, but after having scored a cheap 4 pack from Waitrose, I have to say I’m now hooked.

  5. piratessoul says:

    I got a four pack from Cost Plus World Market, in Atlanta, and found it to be very hearty. Though some may not enjoy it, it is one of my favorites. Right up there with Virgil’s Root Beer.

    My kids won’t leave it alone!

  6. swl says:

    I believe this product is sold in New Zealand and Australia as a Sarsaparilla and their website seems to confirm my suspicion. Don’t know that that changes anyone’s thoughts. I understand why others don’t like it, but I grew fond of it while overseas. Even if you don’t like it, don’t let that dissuade anyone from trying their Ginger Beer, Peachee (pretty sweet I’ll admit) or Lemon Lime Bitters (haven’t tried their other products).

  7. Just discovered Waitrose are selling this here in the UK ! I like this a lot , and being able to pick it up at my local supermarket instead of having to trek 20 miles to my nearest A&W importer is a bonus !!

  8. Found this root beer at Root Beer Revelry in the Wisconsin Dells. Interesting bottle with an odd pull-tab bottle cap. Gave it a try and found it, well, rather odd tasting. Would not buy it again, though one should try for their selves as there are some who may enjoy it.

  9. I gave this a low 15, I really did not like this one at all.

  10. RickGabbitas says:

    I see this at several grocery stores here in Utah, but I have not had time to review it yet. Again, this appears to be more widely available than the review suggests.

  11. is says:

    I feel real sorry for this root beer. It seems that Bundaberg is trying to be unique with this one, yet it just tastes too weird and medicinal. I probably would not buy this one again. It tastes real weird and yeasty. It’s a 48.

  12. Karen says:

    Well, it’s not your standard U.S. root beer, that’s for sure. I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time because it’s brewed with yeast, so I was disappointed to see that the first ingredient was carbonated water. Reading on, yeast is still among the ingredients so I have to assume that they brewed the base and then added carbonated water. Regardless, Zabar’s has it, so I bought two of them (not cheap). I didn’t find it revolting or anything but found its fruity(maybe too much citric acid?)-licorice thing kind of strange, as well as its inclusion of sarsaparilla. I’ll probably buy it again but it’s never going to make my Top 10 list.

  13. Some of the ratings here are too harsh in my opinion. This deserves a 55 at least, it does have a weird “medicine-like” taste at first (as others have said)and the bottle even looks like something you’d find in a medicine chest. But it grew on me after the first bottle and I have one left in my fridge as I’m typing this 🙂
    Is it my favorite? Not even close. I understand why people dislike it. The “Pull Out Then Up” bottle caps are a nuisance too, you gotta be careful you don’t cut yourself on those. Even with all its flaws, I think it deserves a little more love. 🙂

    I’d give it a 58.

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