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Waialua Root Beer

now this soda right here i got just before christmas this year. i had ordered two cases of mixed sodas in glass bottles in flavors i thought my dad and my girlfriend’s dad would enjoy. since they also had a couple of sodas that i myself had never had, i also ordered those. it had not seemed worthwhile to order 3 or 4 bottles of soda by themselves as the shipping costs were crazy, but this way it was more palatable. i ordered with plenty of time to spare i thought, mid-November, with a note that i needed them for christmas so if anything was out of stock or delaying it in any way, let me know and i would pick something else. about three quarters of a case arrived very quickly after that. it included one of the one for me, Frosty Vanilla Root Beer. i expected the rest to come soon after, but they did not. i emailed them a few times with no real response, called and was told to email. eventually i got a reply that two of the other sodas for me were holding it up so i said to just ship what they got! and they did, just in time. anyhow, the point is that this soda was in that second shipment i got. i really have no good idea how long they had it for, but i knew some of the other sodas i have gotten recently were over a year old so i did not get to this one until now. which is not so bad at all i don’t think.
now i will warn you that i have read a couple of other reviews of this soda and the experts seem to think it is watery and not so good, so i was sort of dreading that. i mean, this is my first soda from Hawaii, i hoped it was good! and you know what? it is pretty good. granted it is rather candy-like but i do enjoy candy. the cane sugar here is very good, i enjoy the unique taste it gives to a drink. yet, that is the majority of the taste present here, just a sweetened liquid. yes, there is a little more to it and it is not your standard “root beer” taste so i applaud them for that. i don’t think i would say this is watery, it is pretty light though, so maybe it is just a difference of grammer here. so i do like this but wouldn’t go to Hawaii to get it. maybe if it were only 20 miles away though i would.

Anthony’s Rating: 71
User’s Rating: 69
# of ratings:23

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: CA, HI, OK, online

Obtained in: mailorder from
Head: Small Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No

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  1. they sell it here in MN at a place called world market, I liked it.

  2. Jared Wilhelm says:

    FYI, I actually did go to Hawaii and found this. They were selling it at many of the touristy places, but everyone was out. We found an empty bottle and drove to the bottling plant, which was closed. But it had a phone number that we called and spoke with the owner/bottler (on a Saturday no less!!!). He was kind enough to direct us to a local store that carried it. It was really quite the experience. I would agree that I wouldn’t fly over just to get some. A decent rootbeer nonetheless.

  3. marc says:

    I bought it, I drank it, I didn’tlike it at all. I found it watery. no bite, a big fat nothing.

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