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root beer snobery in the christian music world

so it seems this band that was on some show has a lead singer dude who is a root beer snob. and he called me “the man” in this interview which i find quite amusing.
i must admit i do not have 26 or 27 kinds of root beer in my root beer fridge. and my fridge came from my old job since we were going to throw it away. and it is not a full size deal, just one of the bigger dorm type ones. i may have 12 or 15 kinds in there though if that helps your image of me.
i actually did not think Steelhead was still made, very cool to know it is as i quite liked it. nice.

to make this a bit less self indulgent i will ask a question of the masses: i recently got a can of Iron Beer, the “national beverage of Cuba” and i am unsure if it qualifies as something in the root beer realm. any have it and want to offer their opinion? i know i am seeking spruce beer as that definitely fits in with the supposedly tree piece flavored sodas. and i think i would review dandelion and burdock if i ever got any since that sort of falls in that area too, but this one is more an outlier. i probably will since it is close enough for me.

next up in reviews are: Reading Draft Root Beer and White Birch Beer, A&W Float, St Arnold’s Root Beer and then i will probably explore some of the bigger diet sodas i have skipped, A&W, Barq’s, etc. i think i have a couple more random cans in my fridge too.
but i am getting low so if you have any leads, please share!
that is all, carry on.

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  1. I have had Iron Beer, since I live in South Florida. When I introduced it to friends back in 1984, we agreed that it tasted like a cross between a cherry cola and a cream soda. So I don’t know why “beer” is in the name. Nice drink, especially when there are so few root beers, sarsaparillas, and birch beers here anymore.

  2. I’m in southern Calif and we have a new supermarket, Winco, based in the northwest. They carry many brands we haven’t seen or at least not in a long time.
    Among those is Teddy’s Root Beer. I’ll get some more and post a review and send some on. It’s pretty pedestrian, but it is root beer.

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