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wedding root beer!

so my wife and i had our big wedding ceremony / reception a couple weeks ago. of course me being me and my wife being the awesome, we had to have a custom root beer. or at least a custom labelled root beer. as the event was in Philadelphia, i wanted to get a Pennsylvania brew. Hank’s would have been fine, but the embossed bottles would make it a pain to relabel them. Olde Philadelphia is not actually that good. so i contacted the Appalachian Brewing Company to see if i could get a few cases of their brew, since it is amazing and also since it is from PA.
now, i expected them to maybe say they would ship it to me and i would have to pay crazy prices, or else that i could try to contact their distributor to find out where i could go buy some at a store closest to me. but no, they offered to meet me at a location of my choosing with however much i wanted to get! i figured it was fair to suggest someplace in the middle of our 2 locations so after a bit of back and forth about a good place to execute the transaction, we settled on a Cracker Barrel in PA. Plus it was my lucky week as they were just about to bottle more root beer so they could do a run without labels for me! and it would be superfresh too! hooray, this rocks!
a couple weeks before the wedding i drove out there, got some candy at Cracker Barrel and found their guy in the parking lot. he was amazingly kind and even threw in an extra case of soda and a keychain! if i drank actual beer i would have gotten a case of that too i think! craziness! plus they charged a crazy low price. woo hoo!
i went home, designed some labels, tried em out, decided the top labels are pretty much impossible to put on perfectly. which is unfortunate as i like that part. nonetheless we went with having just the bottom part which is still fun.
we put a bottle in all of the hotel welcome bags and had 7 or so cases at the bars for servin’ up cold. it was a big hit as i expected it to be, many people approached me about where i got it and how they could get more. it is a mighty fine soda and a great bunch of people brewing it.
so huge thanks to Appalachian Brewing Co. if you are ever in the area of any of their establishments, i recommend stopping in. although i have never been to one, if the rest of their employees are as great as Brian and who ever created their root beer then they must be excellent places.

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  1. Congrats, That’s a great idea with what you did. Rick b

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