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Lost Rhino Root Beer

somehow it seems my review of this went missing. or maybe I never wrote it, which would be strange as I recall writing it. i don’t recall everything, or even all that much I will admit, but i distinctly remember writing about this drink. oh well, maybe it will turn up somewhere although i doubt it. in any case, on with the show, again…
I very much looked forward to trying this soda. it is mainly available on tap and only at a few places in Virginia. I could not find anywhere that carried the bottles, but I found out it was served at one establishment in Richmond, Virginia, where I was headed on a root beer road trip so I made sure to include them on my itinerary. the place seemed rather fancy, or at least skewing towards the more trendy, gourmet side of things from what i could gather from their website. that is fine, I just had to be sure to pack something nicer than t shirts and camo shorts for the trip though. I found the Viceroy (the name of the non-defunct, previously mentioned semi-fancy establishment) and parked near by. walking in around lunch time, it was empty. i was warmly greeted and told the lovely ladies of my purpose that day. they were very accommodating and i sat at the bar, sampling the soda and discussing their lack of customers and the general state of Richmond, Virginia.
the soda itself was excellent, definitely among the top of the ones I sampled on that journey. it was creamy and smooth but well carbonated and a strong head. the flavor profile was mainly standard but had hints of other things that gave it a more distinct taste. i tasted a little anise and some burnt caramel notes in there along with a right on dose of vanilla. hopefully one day i will find bottles of this so i can see if that stands up to the fresh draft version, but for now I am happy with what i had.

Anthony’s Rating: 94
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, On Tap
Available: VA

Obtained in: the Viceroy in Richmond, VA
Head: Medium Sweetener: cane sugar, honey
Caffeine: No

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