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Batch Craft Soda Brown Sugar Root Beer

the first thing i thought about this soda as i grabbed it out of the fridge is “wow, brown sugar root beer! i love brown sugar. that sounds really good! let me at it.” then i read the ingredients and am confused. first off, cane sugar is the first ingredient, before water. now that would require a lot of cane sugar! ok, well, maybe they mixed it up. but then i read on and see, nope no brown sugar at all. i suppose brown sugar could be called cane sugar though, right? sure, why not…
the label also claims this is batch 714, which is a whole lot of trial and error! wow. they also have a lot of other stuff on here about the greatness of craft sodas and the like, but no nutritional info. i do like the metallic ink used for the logo, very good touch there.
the soda! almost forgot. i like it. i can’t say it is unique and special and not like a couple other sodas i’ve had before, but it is a tasty drink. it does taste like it has brown sugar, along with cinnamon and the usual sassasfras taste one would expect in a root beer. carbonation is just right, as is the sweetness level. it has a good spice that stays calm and not too in your face. this soda is good, quite good. they should keep making it and i hope they do so for a long time.

Anthony’s Rating: 87
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, fountain
Available: CA

Obtained in: trade with Sagi
Head: Medium Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: pure cane sugar, filtered water, natural flavor, citric acid, and potassium benzoate

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  1. Hey Anthony, I know the guys who make this Batch Craft Soda and the reason it’s called Batch 714 is because that’s their area code (it’s an Orange County California creation) so it didn’t take them 714 tries… and as for the brown sugar I know they were shooting for that flavor and there’s some in there (in the concentrate) and then when they make up the “batch” they use cane sugar to bring the brix up to the right level. It actually started out like 5 or 6 years ago as a “fountain” brand and very popular in independent eateries; to make “samples” to let people try it they would put it in a bottle and cap it; some people said they like it but don’t want to deal with a fountain setup so they started making 5 of their flavors in bottles; hence the one you tried… I’ll send them a link to your review 🙂

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