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Barn Town Root Beer

I am a bit curious the costs of bottling versus canning sodas. I would think canning would be cheaper, but then it would make sense for more places to do that. although they may be snooty and think it will not be as fancy and “gourmet” as if it was in a bottle. but, in my mind, the cost would outweigh the moral dilemma, but that is just me and I am a little strange I have found.
in any case, Barn Town Root Beer comes in a can, as you can probably see in the photo accompanying these words. it is pretty simple yet elegant, just a (i think) 16 oz silver can with a two color label stuck on there. it works well for presentation.
I assume there was some sort of supplemental info on the larger packaging of this as there are no ingredients or nutritional info included here.
this is a good soda. it is very sweet, with a nice level of cream and root beer flavor. the thing is, it does not go beyond that. it is just fine, but just a normal root beer really. a well done one, sure. I don’t know anyone at Barn Town Brewery in any way but I feel like they could have done better. maybe I am wrong about that. try it though if you are in Iowa for some reason, maybe you’ll love it.

Anthony’s Rating: 79
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 16oz can
Available: IA

Obtained in: Trade with Vince
Head: Medium Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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