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my TV debut

9/23 – well, i was on once before at least, around 1985 when sticker collecting was huge and they sent a camera crew to Michelle Trujillo or Lisa Solozo’s house to film a bunch of kids trading stickers and junk. or i think i was on that. i could be wrong.

anyway, the “soft drink” episode of Modern Marvels will air on the History Channel next monday, 9/29/08 at 8 pm EST. it sounds jam packed with stuff so i am not sure at all how much of my footage made it but we shall see. tune in and see my smiling mug in motion as i discuss something or other about root beer.

UPDATE 9/29 so the show will NOT air tonight, it is now scheduled for 10/4/08 probably. but i don’t see it on the history channel schedule for that day so i guess we will see. sorry to anyone who tunes in tonight and it is not on. oh well. just have to wait.

UPDATE 10/27 ok so the show will be on “early 2009” now. ug. oh well. i wait. sorry for the lack of updates for all of you waiting to see it too.

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  1. Micheal Albin says:

    Tape it and put it on Youtube in case we miss it, with a link on here for it. (the little segment part)


  2. I’ve checked my schedule here and the closest I can come is an episode listed with no title, “Learning about various fungal organisms that live in the human body, grow from the ground, float in the air, and help create some foods and beverages; professional remediators battle millions of green invaders in a moldy home.”
    That’s listed for the 5pm eastern feed for today. I’ll keep looking this week. I can hardly wait to see Anthony’s smiling mug. (you should pardon the pun)

  3. Ah, an update. Title is “Molds and Fungus” so probably not what we’re waiting for. BTW, my listing is for pacific time, but a satellite feed that is eastern time.
    They’re also running episodes about silver mines and high tech sex. Kinda figuring those aren’t it.

  4. Johnny Zimmerman says:

    I received a message from Reed’s who will also be featured in this episode and they too confirm that this will be shown on Saturday October 4th.

    Here is how the History Channel writes up the show:

    They account for nearly 30% of all beverages consumed in the U.S., and have been quenching our thirst for over a century. Visit the world’s third largest soft drink supplier, Dr. Pepper, and then watch the scientists at Gatorade collect an athlete’s sweat for analysis. Your brain will freeze with the Slurpee, get a jolt with the energy drink of the 21st Century, and explore the roots of Ginger Ale and Root Beer. Finally discover how Jones Soda dares to make a soft drink taste like a Christmas ham.
    Rating: TVPG
    Running Time: 60 minutes
    Genre: Science & Technology

    The show is scheduled to air Saturday, Oct. 4, 2008, at 7pm ET/PT

    Just an FYI

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