Swagger Sarsaparilla

ooo, hooray! the second offering from the mighty John and his Swagger Soda Co. i just made that company up, i have no idea what he would/will call this thing, perhaps “Swagger Fizzy Creations” or “Swagger Bottling Co” or maybe “Swagger Pop Inc” or something else entirely. no matter what though, i am excited to get to try out this second brew straight from the tanks of John. it is an honor indeed. so when he makes it big, remind him where he came from, ok all?
the recipes for the root beer and sarsaparilla are indeed different but one can tell they are definitely related. where the root beer is a little sharp, a little more zesty, this one is smoother and a bit less herbal tasting. in fact it has a less of an overall flavor to it. that should not be taken as a knock as it is not. it is definitely flavorful, just not as much as the root beer is. it feels a little sweeter too. i am a bit torn as to which i enjoy more. the sodas are both excellent in different ways. but i will side with the root beer, i like the more full bodied taste there. plus with this one i get a little bit of an aftertaste that pulls it down another point or so. it is not like a diet soda aftertaste of course, but still there after the rest of it fades away in 40 seconds or so. all of this might be a moot point as i doubt anyone can purchase or obtain this in any way outside of copying John’s recipe and making it yourself. that is something i may have to do one day myself. i’d like it but time is very difficult to come by these days so it may be a while yet. good work though Swagger, Inc!

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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 1L plastic bottle, On Tap
Available: CA

Obtained in: special mail order from company
Head: Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, sarsaparilla, sassafras, sugar, and vanilla

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