Saxbys Sars Double Sarsaparilla

ah! hooray! finally getting some of the Australian sarsaparillas for review! nice! a kind fellow named Daniel emailed me offering to trade. so i got 4 new sarsaparillas, he got 4 US root beers, even if it cost each of us a cheese load of cash for postage and i constantly worried about glass bottles taking 2 months to ship to me. but everything arrived safe and sound on both sides and i would do it again if anyone else wants to do so!
i knew nothing about this company to begin with and their website is very little help. yeah, it is kind of fun but it is slow and lacks any information whatsoever beyond a made up history. oh well
it is strange to me that sarsaparillas seem to be the only variety that seems to be made anywhere but the United States. Thailand seems to have several, central america has a few and Australia has a whole bunch, including many “double sarsaparillas.” not that i know what that means exactly. is there twice the flavor? that would make sense… is it a new category that i should add? perhaps… i just don’t know. i did add “blue birch beer” though so maybe i should.
what strikes me first about this drink is the total lack of foamin action. it is pretty well carbonated, but has no head at all. not that it matters, it is just ascetic anyway when it comes down to it. this is a very full flavored drink, strong stuff. i could not guzzle this down i don’t think. you have to do it slowly and savor it a bit. i go back and forth with my feelings on this though. at first i liked it quite a bit, then i thought it was very cough syrup tasting. so yeah, it does taste like medicine somewhat, but is that a bad thing? medicines can be yummy. it is definitely very herbal, and pretty sweet also so it balances, not too sweet, not too sharp. i like it. i would definitely get more if i could. what i am gathering is that Australian sarsaparilla is very strong, rooty stuff, i will see if the others live up to this generalization. in time friends, i mean mates, in time!

Anthony’s Rating: 84
User’s Rating: 100
# of ratings:2

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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 375 ml glass bottle
Available: Australia

Obtained in: trade with Daniel
Head: Tiny Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, food acid (330), preservative (211), caramel colour (150)

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  1. This review is sort of funny. It’s funny because I have a friend that I have known for going on 20 years now, He was born and raised in Australia. He knows about my love of root beer so he sent me a gift of 8 bottles of root beer and ginger beer, The Sars brand was one of them. Here is a link to my site with the photos and my thoughts.

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