Cascade Traditional Sarsaparilla

so the Australian sarsaparilla reviews keep on coming! again, the bottle is a unique shape although there are a couple of US sodas that come in a bottle something like this. the graphic design is also very good. more old school modern lines meets 50s America but in a good way. the company tagline is “Refreshingly Tasmanian” which honestly means nothing to me. i really have no impression or preconceived notion of what Tasmania is like or how it is distinct from the rest of Australia. the cartoon Tasmanian Devil is about all i can conquer up and i know that is not at all what a real tasmanian devil looks like anyway. i suppose that is my uneducated American poking its ugly head up. alas.
so going to the website, i find that this company is owned by Fosters, which is Australian for “beer” and all of that. interesting. although they do not even list the sarsaparilla on the site as an option. weird. oh wait, there it is, under “Traditional” right by “Ice Cream Soda.” what?! i need someone to tell me what Ice Cream Soda tastes like. i am very curious… wow, all of the flavors are like the weird ones, strawberries & cream and peaches & cream as well as not just lemon, but lemonade, lemon & lime AND lime quench. wow, they like their citrus fruit flavored carbonated beverages! so do i actually. there is no cola, but there is a cola-cream. i gather they like dairy products in their sodas. i would not count most if any of those things as “classic” soda flavors, but i will assume in Tasmania, stuff is different, traditions and the flow of toilet water and so on. plus they have been around since 1883 and i have not, so they know better than me here.
well anyway, on to the soda!
with liquorice expressly listed in the ingredients, i expected that to be a strong flavor, er flavour, but it is not. it is there but more of an undertone, you have to think about it. in fact, there is not much of a flavour at all. it is very watery. sugary water mind you, but it does not have a strong taste. you know you are drinking soda, it has that “soda essence” and carbonation but i may not even guess this was a sarsaparilla. it could be a weak cola or even ginger ale. i am not telling you it is bad, it just is.

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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 375 ml glass bottle
Available: Australia

Obtained in: trade with Daniel
Head: Small Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, natural colour (150d from wheat syrup), flavours (liquorice & sarsaparilla), food acid (330)

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  1. Mas Garacious says:

    Found an unopened bottle w/cascade beer and root beer logo on it…Do you know anything about this bottle?

  2. nope, can’t say i do, sorry.

  3. Hey – I love cascade sarsparilla!! I grew up in Tassie (fabulous beautiful place) and for my sins have had to live most of my adult life in grotty England! But,back then, the sarsparilla was cheaper than coca cola AND you still had a head on the drink when poured. Ice cold it was heaven to us. Oh for a bottle of cascade sarsparilla………

  4. Craig Riseley says:

    Being from Tasmania I just have to give my two bobs worth. (That’s shillings worth in our old currency). The sarsaparilla of today is not that of yesterday.
    I can remember the cascade sarsaparilla syrup that use to be available. Made from real sarsaparilla root. Every pub had it on their bar. Draugh beer (Cascad beer that is) with a dash of sarsaparilla use to be served as a matter of corse. Today it’s unheard of.
    Another demise is more recently Coca-Cola now own Cascade Beverages. They have further abortioned it by using caramel as the flavouring .
    I’m visiting Tasmania next week on holidays. I’ll just have to settle for beer & stones (Stones Green Ginger Wine) instead .

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