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Lb. Brewing Co Root Beer

i got an email one day asking if i wanted to trade for a couple of root beers the fellow did not see listed on my site. he also lamented that it was a shame that his local brewery did not bottle their root beer. i told him i would love to trade and that if he was willing to ship a growler to me from that local brewery quickly, i had traded for them before and it should work out ok. i just have to review it quickly. which is not something i am always good at. yet when someone goes out of their way to help me so much, the least i can do is take the time to review the drink as soon as possible.
so here i am the day after getting it in the mail and into the fridge quickly.
happily there is still a good carbonation going on. that is the biggest risk with opening the growler a few days after bottling it. well, that or maybe that it comes open or just goes bad en route if the bottle was not totally sanitary or whatever and grossness grew inside, unseen by my eyes.
the taste is a little different, a hit of an herbal feel, a kind of bitter edge, but on the whole it is a pretty standard, yet good flavor. i would not say it is a soda i would sit and savor but it is a nice compliment to a meal or if you are not concerned overly much with your beverage. i always hope for more from the brewery only root beers but it seems they seldom deliver that awesome flavor. although i have only reviewed a few of them, none were really standouts, maybe the Bluegrass Brewing Co one was the best. with this one, as i drink more, that herbal/bitter hint becomes stronger and it is not really something i am loving. i can ignore it if i am consuming other stuff, it is not so strong that it makes me spit it out or anything, but it is there and a bit icky. still, it is decent and a step up from IBC or A&W or Barqs.

Anthony’s Rating: 76
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: KS

Obtained in: trade with Steve
Head: Small Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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  1. Wow! A growler on trade. Tell Steve if he’s ever looking for some new brews I’d love to trade for one of those too.

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