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Pub Dog Root Beer

now this was actually the first stop on my Maryland/Virginia root beer quest! It was in a strip mall of sorts, with a very cool and large outdoor patio area and also a really nice, airy indoor area as well. As it was one of the first nice days on the year there were loads of people outside, many with dogs even. while i was waiting for my growler to be filled a somewhat drunk fellow named John with a big beard and a Colorado t shirt struck up a conversation with me about nothing in particular. he was at the bar to get some doggie treats for the puppies outside, which i suppose the barkeeps dispense along with the usual human snacks. he was a nice enough guy, but somewhat drunk at noon thirty on a saturday seemed a bit bizarre although that may just be me who has never drank.
they had two sizes of growlers also which was a nice feature i think. that was i don’t have to spend quite as much to sample it to go.
the flavor here is very standard and usual. again, that is fine. it is decent. not great, not bad. better than average though. it had little head when it was poured and even less now that it has been in my cooler for two days. but i will ignore the lose as it is more my fault. it has a good sweetness level, i would guess they use cane sugar. it is not really rooty or herbal. it would be a fine drink to have with a pizza or veggie burger if you don’t want the food to be overshadowed. that is probably their intention here so they meet that goal. it is fine for what it is i just hope for more.

Anthony’s Rating: 73
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: MD

Obtained in: Brewery in Columbia, MD
Head: Small Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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