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Iron Heart Craft Soda Root Beer

I do believe this is the smallest container of soda I have ever reviewed! an 8 oz can, now that is unusual. I may even have to add a new category in my database just for this. as I usually make the nutrition info be for a standard 12 oz serving, what you see below is not actually how the info is for a can which is 110 calories, 10mg Sodium, 31g carbs & sugar. nonetheless I am rather excited about this. mostly because it is so little. which does not make any sense, I realize that fully. I do now know really anything about this company. I think someone had posted about it in the root beer hunters facebook group, which is a marvelous place I might add. I will have to investigate more about Iron Heart Craft Soda after I am done with this.
huh. this is intense. whoa. the anise is strong, the cinnamon is strong, something else I can’t quite place is strong. there seems to be honey going on in here? yes, there is. that is more subtle but you know it is there. the vanilla seems to take the edge off it a bit but isn’t as upfront either. this is a soda that you shouldn’t just gulp down but take your time with. that was not what I was expecting. it is interesting, i will give them that. spicy and very fully flavored yet in a petite can. I kind of get why it is small, but I would still enjoy a bigger can / bottle as well. so yeah, this is good. well done.

Anthony’s Rating: 92
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 8oz can
Available: NY, online

Obtained in: mailorder from company
Head: Medium Sweetener: cane sugar, honey
Calories: 165 Sodium: 15mg
Carbs: 46g Sugar: 46g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar, honey, natural and/or artificial flavoring, vanilla bean, sodium benzoate (preservative)

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  1. Tyler says:

    This may also be bought in numerous sizes, including a Growler, at their retail location in Geneva, NY.Yummo!

  2. Philip Gardocki says:

    I picked up a can at Muranda Cheese Geneva ny. In 50 years, the the best root beer I have ever had.

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