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Johnnie Ryan Diet Root Beer

well, this is almost a Canadian diet root beer, i mean it even has French translations of most of the label. are the standards higher or lower for such things? i will hope for higher but expect lower. the label proclaims is ‘delicious’ so that is something to live up to.
well, it is not delicieux (delicious in French i just found out!) i will just say right off the bat. it is in fact bitter, harsh and does not taste at all like root beer. it tastes like vile articial sweeteners. and that is really all it tastes like. if i were on a diet for some reason i would not get this. i really can’t think of a reason i would get this. it is not blatantly offensive tasting but it isn’t good in any way. if they made it taste anything like root beer it would help immensely.

Anthony’s Rating: 12
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Diet Root Beer Comes In: 11.5oz glass bottle
Available: NY, online, Canada

Obtained in: Rocket Fizz
Head: Medium Sweetener: sucralose/splenda, Acesulfame-k
Caffeine: No

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