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Fanta Red Birch Beer

wow. i just searched my site for ‘fanta’ and got no results at all. i assumed i had reviewed the root beer at some point, probably long ago. plus i figured i had reviewed the birch beer as well. but no, nothing, no reviews of anything from them. weird. but upon looking into it, Fanta has not made root beer in a long time and they only make the birch beer fountain syrup these days. huh. i really could have sworn i had cans of both in the last decade, but i suppose it was much longer ago than that. anyhow, on with the show.
so my rad awesome lady and her children raved about this pizza place they loved called Pizza Heaven. it was the best pizza in the universe they told me. somehow my own children went there with them before i ever got to go. but eventually i did go myself. as with all pizza places, they were to be judge by me based on their pineapple pizza. i actually thought it was mediocre, but different strokes for Arnold and Willis, right?
but! they had Fanta Red Birch Beer on their fountain! otherwise this tale would make no sense at all, obviously. i ordered up a cup, no ice, but as you can see in the photo, they put ice anyway. my second helping had no ice though so i did get a more accurate taste. in the end it actually did not have a lot of birch flavor which was a bit of a let down. there was some wintergreen present but it was very mellow and understated. beyond that it was just very sweet. i don’t mind that part too too much, but i always want other strong flavors along with that. Fanta was always somewhat of an almost generic brand in my mind so i should not have expected much, and this was not terrible by any stretch.

Anthony’s Rating: 71
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Red Birch Beer Comes In: fountain
Available: NJ

Obtained in: Pizza Heaven in NJ
Head: Medium Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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  1. JLR says:

    Fanta’s Birch Beer is on tap in certain Roy Rogers restaurants in northern MD & on PA Turnpike.

  2. Brittany Shank says:

    They probably had the syrup calibrated wrong cause it’s pretty flavorful when we get it from Roy rogers it’s like a dr.pepper root beer

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