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Portland Syrups Root Beer Liquor & Soda Mixer

I quite like reviewing syrups more than extracts. they are much easier to make for one thing, just add carbonated water instead of mixing up sugar and all of that as well. plus they seem to have more care put into them to make them more individual and not just something that is supposed to make something else taste like root beer. this here is a prime example of that. they use a bunch of excellent spices and other things and seem to have make a real effort.
this could be bottled and be a very good root beer on its own! well done Portland Syrup people! I can taste the anise and clove quite well behind the sarsaparilla base taste. they don’t control it though or make it taste like either. I believe I mixed it up a little light on the syrup at first although I followed their directions but even adding more it still has a light taste. which is fine really. it is more of a refreshing beverage that really hits the spot and makes me keep wanting more. I will admit I usually dump out the extracts and such that I get after I review them but this one I will be keeping around to make more drinks and perhaps experiment with somehow. I don’t think it will make good pancakes or anything but maybe it will be good in yogurt or some other recipe.

Anthony’s Rating: 91
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: syrup
Available: OR, online

Obtained in: Amazon
Head: None Sweetener: cane sugar, brown sugar, molasses
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: water (infused with sarsaparilla root, star anise, clove, other whole spices), cane sugar, brown sugar, molasses, vanilla flavoring

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