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December 4, 2007
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Sodas available in online:

Brew (my review links) Main Location Company Website
1919 Root Beer
New Ulm, MN 1919
A-Treat Birch Beer
A-Treat Diet Birch Beer
A-Treat Diet Root Beer
A-Treat Root Beer
A-Treat Sarsaparilla
Allentown, PA A-Treat
Abita Root Beer
Abita Springs, LA Abita
AJ Stephans Butterscotch Root Beer
AJ Stephans Old Style Root Beer
AJ Stephans Olde Style Sarsaparilla
AJ Stephans Pure Cane Sugar Birch Beer
AJ Stephans Pure Cane Sugar Root Beer
AJ Stephans Pure Cane Sugar Sarsaparilla
Orange, MA AJ Stephans
•All Star Extracts Root Beer Extract
All Star Extracts
Anchor Ginger Root Beer
Mukilteo, WA Anchor
Avery’s Birch Beer
•Avery’s Diet Birch Beer
•Avery’s Diet Root Beer
Avery’s Root Beer
Avery’s Sarsaparilla
520 Corbin Ave, New Britain, CT Avery’s
•Bar Harbor Brewing Root Beer Syrup
135 Otter Creek Dr, Bar Harbor, ME Bar Harbor Brewing
Barons Boothill Sassparilia
•Barons Sassparilia
Glendora, CA
Barrel Brothers Creamy Vanilla Root Beer
Barrel Brothers Root Beer
Salt Lake City, UT Barrel Brothers
Barton Springs Soda Co Root Beer
2101 E. Saint Elmo #310, Austin, TX 78744 Barton Springs Soda Co
Baumeister Root Beer
WI somewhere
Bavarian Inn Root Beer
Frankenmuth, MI Bavarian Inn
Bedford’s Gourmet Root Beer
Port Angeles, WA
Beehive Grill Beehive Brew Root Beer
255 S. Main, Logan, UT 84321 Beehive Grill
Begley’s and Bill’s Root Beer
CA Begley’s and Bill’s
Bennett’s Big Bear Root Beer
Los Angeles, CA farmer’s market
Berghoff Diet Rootbeer
Berghoff Rootbeer
Chicago, IL
Big Ben’s Blue Birch Beer
Big Ben’s Dark Birch Beer
Big Ben’s Golden Birch Beer
Big Ben’s Red Birch Beer
Big Ben’s Root Beer
Big Ben’s Sarsaparilla
Big Ben’s White Birch Beer
Catawissa, PA Big Ben’s
Blue Ridge Pure Water Co Root Beer
La France, SC Blue Ridge Pure Water Co
Blumers Root Beer
Monroe, WI Blumers
Boots Beverages Sarsaparilla Root Beer
Bryan, TX Boots Beverages
Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Root Beer
Boylan’s Natural Root Beer
Boylan’s Original Birch Beer
Boylan’s Root Beer
Moonachie, NJ Boylan’s
Briar’s Cane Sugar Premium Red Birch Beer
Briar’s Cane Sugar Premium Root Beer
Briar’s Diet Birch Beer
Briar’s Diet Root Beer
Briar’s Premium Birch Beer
Briar’s Premium Root Beer
Briar’s Red Birch Beer
Briar’s Six Gun Sarsaparilla
North Brunswick, NJ Briar’s
Bronx Pop Root Beer
Bronx, NY Bronx Pop
Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer
Mukilteo, WA Brownie
Bud’s Homemade Root Beer
IL Bud’s
Bundaberg Root Beer
Bundaberg Sarsaparilla
Australia Bundaberg
•Butler Extracts Imitation Root Beer Extract
Lancaster, PA
Caamano Bros Sarsaparilla
Berkeley, CA Caamano Bros
Cappy’s Old Time Maine Root Beer
Camden, ME Cappy’s
Capt’n Eli’s Root Beer
Portland, ME Capt’n Eli’s
Chuck Wagon Birch Beer
Chuck Wagon Diet Root Beer
Chuck Wagon Root Beer
Chuck Wagon Sarsaparilla
PA somewhere Chuck Wagon
Capone Family Secret Diet Root Beer
Capone Family Secret Root Beer
Cicero Beverage Co. Chicago Style Root Beer
Cicero Beverage Co. Salted Caramel Root Beer
Chicago, IL Cicero Beverage Co.
Capone Family Secret Diet Root Beer
Capone Family Secret Root Beer
Cicero Beverage Co. Chicago Style Root Beer
Cicero Beverage Co. Salted Caramel Root Beer
Chicago, IL Cicero Beverage Co.
Cider Mill Soda Co Rootin Tootin Diet Root Beer
Cider Mill Soda Co Rootin Tootin Root Beer
Scottsdale, AZ Cider Mill Soda Co
Clover Classic Premium Root Beer
Chicago, IL
College Club Fiz Buffalo Birch Beer
College Club Fiz Roc City Root Beer
Rochester, NY
•Cool Mountain Chicago Rootbeer Draft Style
Cool Mountain Chicago Rootbeer Fountain Classic
Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda Diet Root Beer
Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda Root Beer
Des Plaines, IL Cool Mountain
•Cool Mountain Chicago Rootbeer Draft Style
Cool Mountain Chicago Rootbeer Fountain Classic
Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda Diet Root Beer
Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda Root Beer
Chicago, IL Cool Mountain
•Cool Mountain Chicago Rootbeer Draft Style
Cool Mountain Chicago Rootbeer Fountain Classic
Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda Diet Root Beer
Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda Root Beer
Chicago, IL Cool Mountain
Cooper’s Cave Ale Company Birch Beer
Cooper’s Cave Ale Company Centennial Sarsaparilla
Cooper’s Cave Ale Company Diet Root Beer
Cooper’s Cave Ale Company Root Beer
Cooper’s Cave Ale Company Sarsaparilla
Glens Falls, NY Cooper’s Cave Ale Company
Crazy Ed’s Sarsaparilla
Cave Creek, AZ
Dang! That’s Good Butterscotch Root Beer
Dang! That’s Good Diet Root Beer
Dang! That’s Good Root Beer
Milwaukee, WI Dang! That’s Good
DeadWorld Slow Decay Vanilla Root Beer
DeadWorld Twilight Shuffler Root Beer
Detriot, MI DeadWorld
DeadWorld Slow Decay Vanilla Root Beer
DeadWorld Twilight Shuffler Root Beer
Detroit, MI DeadWorld
Dog n Suds Draft Style Root Beer
Dog n Suds Sugar Free Root Beer
Lafayette, IN Dog n Suds
Dominion Root Beer
Ashburn, VA Dominion
Dr Brown’s Draft Style Root Beer
Popular Kosher brand
Dr McGillicuddy’s Old Fashioned Root Beer
New Orleans, LA Dr McGillicuddy’s
Dublin Bottling Works Texas Root Beer
Dublin, TX Dublin Bottling Works
•Duffy’s Rowdy Root Beer
Denver, CO Duffy’s
Earp’s Original Sarsaparilla
Mukilteo, WA Earp’s
•Empire Bottling Works Birch Beer
Empire Bottling Works Diet Root Beer
Empire Bottling Works Rootbeer
Empire Bottling Works Sarsaparilla
Empire Bottling Works Spruce Beer
Bristol, RI
Eric’s Famous Energy Cola Rootbeer
Mill Creek, WA Eric’s Famous
faerie’s finest birch beer extract
faerie’s finest natural root beer flavor
Hawaiian Gardens, CA faerie’s finest
Faygo Diet Root Beer
Faygo Old Fashioned Root Beer Genuine Draft Style
Detriot, MI Faygo
Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock
Canada Fentimans
Fest Pecan Root Beer
New Orleans, LA Fest
Filbert’s Old Time Quality Diet Root Beer
Filbert’s Olde Time Quality Draft Root Beer
Chicago, IL
Firemans Brew Root Beer
Inyokern, CA Firemans Brew
Fitz’s Diet Premium Micro-Brewed Root Beer
Fitz’s Root Beer
St Louis, MO Fitz’s
Fizzy Izzy Root Beer
Ste Genevieve, MO Fizzy Izzy
Flathead Lake Monster Rootbeer
Kalispell, MT Flathead Lake Monster
Freaky Dog Barkin Birch Beer
•Freaky Dog Diet Roofbeer
•Freaky Dog Roofbeer
CT Freaky Dog
Frostie Diet Root Beer
Frostie Root Beer
Frostie Vanilla Root Beer
Temple, TX Frostie
Gale’s Root Beer
Riverwoods, IL Gale’s
Ginseng Up American Classic Root Beer
Ginseng Up Root Beer
Worchester, MA Ginseng Up
Glewwe’s Castle Root Beer
Prior Lake, MN Glewwe’s Castle
Gnome Autumn Red Birch Beer Extract
Gnome Draft Style Root Beer Flavour Extract
Salem, OR Gnome
Goose Island Diet Root Beer
Goose Island Root Beer
Chicago, IL Goose Island
Gray’s Great American Diet Root Beer
Gray’s Great American Root Beer
Jansville, WI Gray’s
Great Montana Soda Factory Root Beer
don’t think it is made anymore
•Grown-Up Soda Dry Root Beer
New York, NY Grown-Up Soda
Haley and Annabelle’s Vanilla Rootbeer
Shawano, WI Haley and Annabelle’s
Hank’s Premium Philadelphia Birch Beer
Hank’s Premium Philadelphia Diet Root Beer
Hank’s Premium Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer
Philadelphia, PA Hank’s
Hansen’s Creamy Diet Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer
Hansen’s Signature All Natural Sarsaprilla Soda
Corona, CA Hansen’s
Health Valley Old Fashioned Root Beer
Health Valley Sarsaparilla Root Beer
All over Health Valley
Henry Weinhard Premium Draught Style Head Root Beer
Hood River, OR Henry Weinhard
Hippo Size Burley Birch Beer
Hippo Size Jumbo Root Beer
Mukilteo, WA Hippo Size
•Homemade Soda Co Barking Birch Beer
Homemade Soda Co Natural Root Beer Cream
Homemade Soda Co Root Beer #1
Homemade Soda Co Root Beer #2
Homemade Soda Co Root Beer #3
Homemade Soda Co Sassy Sarsaparilla
Homemade Soda Co
Hosmer Mountain Birch Beer
Hosmer Mountain Diet Root Beer
Hosmer Mountain Root Beer
Hosmer Mountain Sarsaparilla
Hosmer Mountain Sarsaparilla Root Beer
Willimantic, CT Hosmer Mountain
Howie’s Root Beer
Orem, UT
III Dachshunds Old Fashion Root Beer
Oak Creek, WI; Cudahy WI III Dachshunds
Iron Horse Root Beer
Edina, MN, (952) 920-7722
Miami, FL
Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer
CA somewhere
Jack Russell Red Ball Root Beer
not made anymore
Jackson Hole Soda Company Buckin’ Rootbeer
Jackson Hole Soda Company Snake River Sarsaparilla
Jackson, WY Jackson Hole Soda Company
Jeff’s Amazing New York Root Beer Float Egg Cream
Northbrook, IL Jeff’s Egg Cream
Jo Snow Sass! Root Beer Syrup
Chicago, IL Jo Snow
Johnnie Ryan Birch Beer
Johnnie Ryan Root Beer
Niagara Falls, NY Johnnie Ryan
Joseph James Brewing Co Joe’s Root Beer
Henderson, NV Joseph James Brewing Co
Judge Wapner Root Beer
Camarillo, CA Judge Wapner
Jumpin Johnny’s Root Beer
no longer made Jumpin Johnny’s
Kay Koola Premium Root Beer
Providence, RI Kay Koola
Kutztown Diet Birch Beer
Kutztown Red Birch Beer
Kutztown Root Beer
Kutztown Sarsaparilla
Kutztown White Birch Beer
Kutztown, PA Kutztown
Old Original Levis Root Beer Soda
Jenkintown, PA Levis
Lion Brewery Root Beer
Wilkes Barre, PA Lion Brewery
Lost Trail Diet Root Beer
Lost Trail Root Beer
Lost Trail Sarsaparilla
Louisburg, KS Lost Trail
Mad River Root Beer
may be discontinued Mad River
Maine Root. Handcrafted Rootbeer
Maine Root. Organic Sarsaparilla
Portland, ME Maine Root.
Manhattan Special Diet Sarsaparilla
Manhattan Special True Root Sarsaparilla
Brooklyn, NY Manhattan Special
Margo’s Bark Root Beer
Los Angeles, CA Margo’s Bark
Mason’s Root Beer
Torrance, CA Mason’s
Milligan’s Island Root Beer
Madison, CT Milligan’s Island
Millstream Old Time Rootbeer
Amana, IA Millstream
Mirinda Root Beer
•Monterey Bay Root Beer
Monterey Bay, CA?
Monterey Soda Root Beer
Monterey, CA Monterey Soda
•More Good Root Beer Syrup
Beacon, NY More Good
Mr. D’z Route 66 Root Beer
Cave Creek, AZ; Kingman, AZ
Mt. Angel Root Beer
no longer made
My Private Label Diet Root Beer
My Private Label Root Beer
•My Private Label Sarsaparilla
My Private Label White Birch Beer
Belvidere, NJ My Private Label
Myers Ave Red Root Beer
Warrenville, IL Myers Ave
•North Star Craft Soda Root Beer
Forest Lake, MN North Star Craft Soda
Northwoods Natural Bill’s Root Beer
Northwoods Skinny Bill’s Diet Root Beer
Northwoods Wild Bill’s Root Beer
Williamsburg MI Northwoods
O’Sippie Root Beer
Minneapolis, MN
O-So Good Vanilla Butterscotch Root Beer
Mukilteo, WA O-So Good
Old 52 Special Brew
MN Old 52
•Old Hickory Root Beer Extract
Punxsutawney, PA
Old Mill Sarsaparilla
CA somewhere?
Old Soaker Root Beer
Bar Harbor, ME Old Soaker
Olde Brooklyn Bayridge Birch Beer
Olde Brooklyn Diet Williamsburg Root Beer
•Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer
Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer – old recipe
Brooklyn, NY
Olde Heritage Root Beer
Ronks, PA
•Olde Philadelphia Birch Beer
Olde Philadelphia Diet Root Beer
Olde Philadelphia William Penn Root Beer
Philadelphia, PA Olde Philadelphia
Oogave Agave Root Beer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer – old formula
Denver, CO Oogave
Oop! Juice Birch Beer
Oop! Juice Root Beer
Providence, RI Oop! Juice
P&H Soda Co Sarsaparilla Soda Syrup
Brooklyn, NY P&H Soda Co
Pat’s Backcountry Beverages Bear Foot Root Beer
Talkeetna, AK Pat’s Backcountry Beverages
Pearson Bros. Root Beer
San Francisco, CA
Pithy Little Soda Works Root Beer
Paso Robles, CA Pithy Little Soda Works
Pittsburgh Soda Pop American Classic Root Beer
Pittsburgh Soda Pop Birch Beer
Pittsburgh Soda Pop Licorice Root Beer
Pittsburgh Soda Pop Sarsaparilla
Pittsburgh Soda Pop Spiced Root Beer
Pittsburgh Soda Pop Vanilla Root Beer
Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Soda Pop
Point Premium Diet Root Beer
Point Premium Root Beer
Stevens Point, WI Point
Rainbow Extracts Birch Root Beer
Rainbow Extracts Root Beer
Rainbow Extracts Sarsaparilla
Rainbow Extracts Spruce Beer
Reading Draft Birch Beer
Reading Draft Blueberry Birch Beer
Reading Draft Creamy Red Birch Beer
Reading Draft Diet Root Beer
Reading Draft Root Beer
Reading Draft Sarsaparilla
Reading Draft White Birch Beer
614 Gregg Ave, Reading, PA Reading Draft
Real Soda in Real Bottles Girlan Pink Birch Beer
Real Soda in Real Bottles Lurch Birch Beer
Real Soda in Real Bottles Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Real Soda in Real Bottles
Red Arrow Root Beer
Mukilteo, WA Red Arrow
•Red Ribbon Birch Beer
Red Ribbon Home Brewed Style Root Beer
Natrona, PA Red Ribbon
Rio Syrups Root Beer
Rio Syrups Sarsaparilla
Rio Syrups
River City Root Beer
Sacramento, CA River City
Rocky Mountain Soda Co Boulder Birch Beer
Rocky Mountain Soda Co Boulder Birch Beer- old recipe
•Rocky Mountain Soda Co Rocky Mountain Root Beer
Rocky Mountain Soda Co Rocky Mountain Root Beer – old recipe
Commerce City, CO Rocky Mountain Soda Co
Rogue Soda Root Beer
1339 NW Flanders St., Portland, OR Rogue Soda
Root Beer Jelly
Root Jack Orange Flavored Root Beer
Osceola, IN Root Jack
Roundhouse Rootbeer
Aurora, IL Roundhouse
Route Beer 66
Wilmington, IL Route Beer 66
Saint Arnold Root Beer
2522 Fairway Park Dr, Houston, TX Saint Arnold
Saranac 1888 Root Beer
Saranac Diet 1888 Root Beer
Utica, NY Saranac
Sarsi Light Sarsaparilla
Sarsi Sarsaparilla
Septimus Spyder Medieval Brewhouse Dandelion & Burdock
Septimus Spyder Medieval Brewhouse Root Beer
Septimus Spyder Medieval Brewhouse Sarsaparilla
Burton on Trent, UK Septimus Spyder Medieval Brewhouse
Simpson Spring Root Beer
Simpson Spring Sarsaparilla
Simpson Spring White Birch Beer
South Easton, MA Simpson Spring
Skeleteen’s Rat Bastard Root Beer
Los Angeles, CA
Sno-Cap Root Beer
Green Bay, WI Sno-Cap
SodaWerks Buzzy’s Root Beer
Sodawerks Sass-parilla
SodaWerks White Tail Birch Beer
no longer made
Sonoma Syrup Co Root Beer Soda Syrup
Sonoma, CA Sonoma Syrup Co
Sonora Brewing Company Root Beer
Phoenix AZ Sonora Brewing Company
Sort This Out Elvira’s Banshee Birch Beer
Solvang, CA Sort This Out
Sparky’s Fresh Draft Root Beer
Pacific Grove, CA Sparky’s
Sprecher Boom Chugga Lugga Cherry Root Beer
•Sprecher Honey Root Beer
Sprecher Lo-Cal Root Beer Soda
Sprecher Root Beer Soda
Glendale, WI Sprecher
Squamscot Birch Beer
Squamscot Diet Root Beer
Squamscot Mistletoe Mist
Squamscot Old Fashioned Beverages Root Beer
Squamscot Sarsaparilla
Newfield, NH Squamscot
Steelhead Handcrafted Root Beer
Steelhead Original Spicy Draft Root Beer
Eugene, OR; Burlingame, CA, Irvine, CA Steelhead
•Stoltzfus Root Beer Extract
Narvon, PA
The Edge Olde No 43 Homemade Root Beer
for Edge Diner, Shrewsbury, MA The Edge
•Thomas Kemper new
Thomas Kemper Pure Draft Root Beer
Thomas Kemper Purely Natural Root Beer
Seattle, WA Thomas Kemper
Tommy’s Naked Soda Righteous Root Beer
Boston, MA Tommy’s Naked Soda
•Tommyknocker All Natural Root Beer
•Tommyknocker Root Beer
Tommyknocker Root Beer – Old Recipe
Tommyknocker Root Beer Float
Idaho Springs, CO Tommyknocker
Triple AAA Root Beer
100 E. California Ave. Ste 100, OKC, OK 73104 Triple AAA
Triple XXX Root Beer
Lafayette, IN Triple XXX
Uncle Scott’s All Natural Root Beer
Mooresville, NC Uncle Scott’s
Vermont Sweetwater Rugged Mountain Rootbeer
Poultney, VT Vermont Sweetwater
Waialua Root Beer
Waialua, HI Waialua
Wang Gang Nearly Famous Root Beer
Edwardsville, IL Wang Gang
Wanu Root Beer
Colchester, VT WaNu
Watkins Imitation Root Beer Extract
Winona, MN Watkins
Weeping Radish Root Beer
Manteo, NC Weeping Radish
White Rose Root Beer
Highland Park, CA White Rose
Wild Bill’s Buck’n Birch Beer
Wild Bill’s Rocky Mountain Diet Root Beer
Wild Bill’s Rocky Mountain Root Beer
Wild Bill’s Six Shooter Sarsaparilla
Bernardsville, NJ Wild Bill’s
XTZ X Root Beer Riot
Edmonds, WA XTZ
Zest-O Root Beer
Zuberfizz Creamy Root Beer
Durango, CO Zuberfizz


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JPMac Says:

Sam's Club RB isn't here. I got some at a Wal-mart,$5 for a dozen cans. The stuff is foul, I'd say two parts crappy syrup, 6 parts soda water, 2 parts the contents of an ashtray.