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A-Treat Birch Beer

i got a keg of this for my friend mike’s birthday several years ago and it was quite tasty so i was excited to get to try it again. yup, tastes about the same. very very minty, wintergreen. yummy. i love wintergreen. the funny thing about getting a keg of root beer was we had like a month to get it back to them before we lost the deposit so it stayed in mike’s room for the whole time and was always good. never finished it i don’t think. oh well. anyhow, this is pretty good. a little over carbonated maybe but that is not so bad. this is probably the best soda i have had in a can.

Anthony’s Rating: 91
User’s Rating: 86
# of ratings:48

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Type: Brown Birch Beer Comes In: 12 oz can, 20 oz plastic bottle, 2L plastic bottle, keg
Available: NJ, PA, online

Obtained in: online from the Amish Country Store
Head: Small Sweetener: sugar, fructose
Caffeine: No

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  1. victoria says:

    where can i buy anthony’s birch beer draft?
    i’m in alexandria va area.


  2. i have no idea, i have never seen it anywhere. i think they are out of business actually. good luck and if you do find it, let me know!

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