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Weber’s Root Beer

so i was driving down the road looking for a Muffler Man (another hobby
of mine) when i came upon this rad looking old school restaurant, “Weber’s Root Beer” it proclaimed! so i quickly turned around and pulled in.
a young lass rollerskated up to my car and i asked if there were any transportable root beer containers. she said the gallon one, so i
paid my $8 or whatever and got it. stupidly i let it sit in my fridge for a couple weeks as it now has a sort of sediment on the bottom
and no fizz. i figured it was sealed better. in any case, it is a pretty good soda. not exceptional as i was hoping. a little watered down
perhaps. sweet, a touch of creaminess. also a touch of root beer going bad though. =( sad i have to dump so much out.
but i will be going back to this place when i can, just to try it fresh. i should have gotten a mug of it there but i was not
really thinking. i had just done a tough duathlon so i was a bit tired, hopefully you can forgive me.

Anthony’s Rating: 73
User’s Rating: 85
# of ratings:21

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, On Tap
Available: NJ, OK

Obtained in: Weber’s Drive-In, Pennsauken, NJ
Head: Tiny Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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  1. JIm Ratzlaff says:

    I’m a long time Tulsa resident (now living in Houston) and not really a Weber’s fan (pricey and just average to just above average) IMO. The locals in Tulsa really talk it up, but I’ve not been impressed. Their brewing history is more impressive. You can read about the company at:

  2. you have to try Stewarts Drive In Root Beer to. they are very similair to Weber’s place.
    also, just so you know, Frostie root beer is the same as Stewarts Root Beer. Read the story of Stewarts online and how they got started.

  3. oh, i have tried Stewart’s drive in Root Beer many times. it is ok, the same syrup and all as the bottled stuff.
    i don’t know where you are reading about Stewart’s and Frostie having any connection, I would love to read that. they both started as regional brands in different parts of the country with different recipes. I have never heard of any connection between them myself. please send the info you refer to over though!

  4. Jeff says:

    Just to be clear-the New Jersey Weber’s and the Weber’s of Tulsa have no connection other than their name as far as I am aware. I don’t know about the New Jersey Weber’s but the Tulsa Weber’s is one of the finest root beers you will ever drink and is now available in bottles that you can order from their web site,

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