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Cool Mountain Chicago Rootbeer Fountain Classic

this is one i have always been meaning to order. i put it off since i always thought it was just Cool Mountain Root Beer in a new bottle. i am still not sure it is not that but i will go on the thought that they are different. Cool Mountain does own this brand and they don’t make their own root beer anymore though so take that as you will. i should probably put them both under the Evolution Brands flag to tie them together somehow but i am lazy right now i suppose. mostly though that is confusing to users.

i have not had Cool Mountain root beer in many years but tasting this and reading my review of that, i would say they are indeed different formulations. ok, good. this is not so watery. it is more heavy, almost thick and syrupy. i am not saying it is too sweet because it is not, the sweetness is just fine. it just feels heavy in my mouth, not light and refreshing so much as solid. not overpowering either. it is ok, pretty much the expected taste with that heavy mouth feel. the label design is pretty solid, different at least, i will give them that. the metallic brown ink is a nice touch. among the chicago area root beers, this falls short, Sprecher, Goose Island and Berghoff are all better. this just does not set itself apart in any way. it just is. which is ok but i hoped for better.

Anthony’s Rating: 71
User’s Rating: 78
# of ratings:4

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: IL, online

Obtained in: trade with Jon
Head: Medium Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 160 Sodium: 15mg
Carbs: 40g Sugar: 40g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: filtered water, pure cane sugar, natural and artificial flavor, caramel color, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate as a preservative

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  1. Ed Keen says:

    Hello Anthony,

    Cool Mountain is made by Dr.Pepper in N.C.

    Sprecher is made in Milwaukee.

    XXX, Capones, DogNSuds are some that are made in Chicago by Clover Club.

    Call me sometime. 813-966-0613


  2. Cool Mountain is bottled in NC, true, but the company is based in the Chicago area. Milwaukee seems to my head to be near Chicago but i fail geography a lot. =) thanks Ed! i stand corrected.

  3. I just drank Cool Mountain a few days ago, I think this does taste different. With that said, this is pretty good, but not great. I also give it a 70

  4. I thought this was better than cool mountain, but it’s not great. I gave it a 70

  5. Ed Keen says:

    Orca has three new root beers Dougie Dog butterscotch root beer, Anchor ginger root beer, and Brownie caramel root beer. Call them tell them I said they should send you some samples. since you never ask me.

    ed keen

  6. I would love to ask you Ed, but I did not know they were Orca products or that you were involved with them! You are always very helpful. I actually got all three already for review though. but if you know of any others now or in the future, I’d love to know about it!

  7. […] few years ago i reviewed the old style Chicago Rootbeer which was “Fountain Classic” where this one is “Draft Style.” as the […]

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