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Baranof Island Brewing Co Ben’s Brew Root Beer

Eric is a lucky man, he lives very close to the Root Beer Store so he can get lots of random new sodas very easily. I am a lucky man because he is willing to trade with me for sodas i can get that he cannot. i don’t think i have had any root beer from Alaska before so that is very cool. that this is in a gigantic bottle is also cool but hopefully it is good enough to justify the size.
the label is ok, kind of standard and dull. although the suggestion that those on antibiotics drink this is different. you see the children and teetotalers suggestions sometimes but that is a new one for me. that there are no ingredients or nutritional info is a little annoying too. not a big deal but nice to know what i am ingesting.
ok, this is not good. i hate to say that since it has promise and usually brewery root beers are at least decent but this one is not. it barely tastes like root beer, which is not a problem if it tasted good. yet it does not. it is too sharp. and sort of sour and rough. but with little real taste to it. it is hard to describe so i keep taking sips and it keeps jabbing my mouth with tiny needles but not affecting my tongue much. it has a little sweetness in there and just barely tastes of root beer, but not much. it does not seem that carbonated so i don’t think that is the culprit here, it is in the flavor profile.
it is a shame that this was shipped from Alaska to the Seattle area, then to me and i don’t even want to drink it. but it is the price that must be paid to spread knowledge to the root beer masses. be warned.

Anthony’s Rating: 52
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 22oz glass bottle
Available: AK

Obtained in: trade with Eric
Head: Small Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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