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Faygo Original Root Beer

kicking it ICP style today! they have change their recipe as well since my old review, which was almost exactly a year ago today, strangely. they inverted the cane sugar and mixed up some other ingredients, took away some sodium but kept the calories the same. hopefully they also made it tastier. they did no change the bottle or label at all otherwise, but whatever, that is their choice and option and all of that.
well, it is better than I remember the earlier recipe being. if I am right, it had too much weird, bad, stinging carbonation. they have toned that down here or maybe I just got a better bottle or the old one was from a bad day at the bottling line. who really knows? it does not amaze me and it still is brought down a little by the carbonation but not much. the head foams up big but dissipates very quickly, which is not the worst way to go but visually people seem to like that long lasting foamy head. taste-wise it is just ok, a bit up on the caramel, a little dab of vanilla so it goes down pretty well. yet it doesn’t jump up and impress me. it is definitely better than their plastic bottle offering and I am glad they made this “fancier” “gourmet” version of their drink, don’t get me wrong, but it wouldn’t be what I would pick out of a line up of a bunch of glass bottle root beers most likely.

Anthony’s Rating: 79
User’s Rating: 85
# of ratings:1

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: CT, DE, FL, MI, NJ, NY, NC, OH, SC, online

Obtained in: Rocket Fizz
Head: Large Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 170 Sodium: 35mg
Carbs: 43g Sugar: 43g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, inverted cane sugar, caramel color, potassium benzoate (preservative), natural and artificial flavor, citric acid, potassium sorbate (preservative)

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  1. cherryflv817 says:

    This one is hella good! Very drinkable. Just a good fresh flavor, well balanced, not too carbonated, nicely put together. Quite good. Better than I expected really.

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