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Homer Soda Maple Syrup Root Beer

oh hooray! I have been looking forward to trying this soda for several years now ever since they first announced it!! I love maple syrup. definitely my favorite sweetener if I was forced to chose at watergun point. yet, of the few root beers sweetened with in, now had it be a very prominent flavor. so I am hoping this one will be different. especially since it is in the name and all for once.
and.. it is!! whoa, definitely the featured flavor here is maple. it is not a maple soda though, there remains a good amount of root beer taste in there too. i am liking it quite a bit. my biggest complaint is that the maple is a bit artificial tasting and not exactly maple syrup, but maple flavored syrup, like Log Cabin or some such thing. i had my girlfriend try it as well, she was not a fan. she said it was like a dirty maple taste. i can kind of see that but it does not change my thoughts on it. as the drink goes on, it does get less enjoyable and more chemical tasting. so it has gone down a few points for that characteristic. i think there can be a better maple root beer out there, but for now this one is at the top of the heap for me.

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