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Flounder Brewing Root Beer

after 26+ years, it is time, at last I have reached the milestone of triple digit reviews, #1000! one thousand different root beer family sodas! even to me, that is just nutso and not something I ever thought possible let alone do-able by me. but nonetheless here I am. as the occasion neared I was unsure what should be number one thousand. I have a couple of sodas in the root beer fridge queued up, but nothing that was really exciting or seemed like it would be noteworthy. thus it seemed time to see just what had popped up in my general area as far as new sodas since I last went questing. I decided that the best of the day would get to be #1000. after some research I came up with eight places I could most likely get new brews at. now this is usually a hit or miss venture, especially when dealing with breweries when their primary focus is on their icky alcoholic offerings so they may or may not actually have root beer at the moment. but lady luck (I call her Michele) was with me, so I was able to get ten new things to review. this one definitely was the best of the lot.
you can tell they put thought and effort into this drink. many breweries just throw something together to have a non-alcoholic offering. not Flounder. in general you can tell they really put their all into the place in general, it is a gorgeous 250 year old barn refurbished to be an amazing, fun and welcoming space. it is a place I’d want to hang out in, play some games and relax. or even have a fun event at.
anywho, the soda! that is what we are here for, right? yes, it is quite tasty itself. it is very licorice heavy, but they do not overdo it and make it a licorice soda which is a trap a few brews have fallen into. I like licorice a good amount so am perhaps more lenient than some other who may find it despicable yet I think most would be ok with this level in the mix. the rest of the flavor is the more traditional root beer taste with a bit of a sharpness that works in this case. it is more of a solid, heartier taste than many brews, which is what I might expect from beer brewers for some reason. the head is pretty small and I am good with that, more soda in the glass that way in my humble opinion. or at least more soda quicker as they don’t have to wait for foam to dissipate during the pour. the sweetness is on point as well, a little lower than many which goes well with the flavor profile. it is a unique taste that I would be more than happy to return to. this may be a place I go back to!

onward to the next thousand, if I make it that long! =) thank you all for coming along on this journey with me, I am not done yet and never will be from the way the root beer world works.

Anthony’s Rating: 95
User’s Rating: 0
# of ratings:0

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: NJ

Obtained in: at the brewery
Head: Small Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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  1. Karen says:

    Congratulations on your recent milestone! And if you rate this a 95, I’m going to have to seek it out the next time I’m in the Garden State.

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