Sodas available in Georgia:

Brew (my review links) Main Location Company Website
365 All Natural Root Beer Soda
Whole Foods 365
•5 Seasons Brewing High-5 Root Beer
3655 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 5 Seasons Brewing
Abita Root Beer
Abita Root Beer – old
Abita Springs, LA Abita
Albertson’s A+ Root Beer Old Fashioned Soda
Albertson’s store brand Albertson’s
Always Save Root Beer
Kansas City, KS Always Save
Boylan’s Cane Sugar Birch Beer
Boylan’s Cane Sugar Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylan’s Cane Sugar Root Beer
Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Root Beer
Boylan’s Diet Root Beer – old
Boylan’s Natural Root Beer
Boylan’s Original Birch Beer
Boylan’s Root Beer
New York, NY Boylan’s
•Brixx Root Beer
in stores Brixx
Bulldog Handcrafted Root Beer
Bulldog Root Beer
Fresno, CA Bulldog
Bulldog Handcrafted Root Beer
Bulldog Root Beer
Mukiteo, CA Bulldog
C&C Root Beer
Cranford, NJ C&C
•Caboose Root Beer
Rutledge, GA Caboose
•Cannon Brewpub Root Beer
1041 Broadway, Columbus, GA
Clover Valley Root Beer
Goodlettsville, TN Clover Valley
Dave and Buster’s Old Fashioned Philly Root Beer
Dave and Buster’s house brand Dave and Buster’s
Deep South Chek Rootbeer
Deep South Premium Old Style Draft Root Beer
Winn Dixie Store brand Deep South
Food Lion Root Beer
Food Lion store brand Food Lion
Gordon Biersch Root Beer
Gordon Biersch restuarants Gordon Biersch
Hansen’s Creamy Diet Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer – old
Hansen’s Signature All Natural Sarsaprilla Soda
Corona, CA Hansen’s
Harris Teeter Root Beer
Harris Teeter store brand Harris Teeter
IGA Store Root Beer
IGA store brand IGA Store
Jason’s Deli Root Beer
Beaumont, TX Jason’s Deli
Kroger’s Big K Root Beer
Kroger’s Creamy Ginger Root Beer
Kroger’s Real Sugar Root Beer
Kroger’s store brand Kroger’s
Laura Lynn Root Beer
Asheville, NC Laura Lynn
Maine Root. Handcrafted Rootbeer
Maine Root. Organic Sarsaparilla
Portland, ME Maine Root.
•Max Lager’s Root Beer
•Max Lager’s Tap Root Beer
320 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA Max Lager’s
•Max Lager’s Root Beer
•Max Lager’s Tap Root Beer
320 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30308 Max Lager’s
New Creation Soda Works Root 42 Root Beer
Bishop, GA New Creation Soda Works
Our Family Root Beer
Nash Finch store brand Our Family
Publix Diet Root Beer
Publix Root Beer
Publix store brand Publix
Ramblin Butterscotch Root Beer
Ramblin Maple Root Beer
Ramblin Root Beer
Atlanta, GA Ramblin
Red Hare Brewing Co Root Beer
1998 Delk Industrial Boulevard, Marietta, GA 30067 Red Hare Brewing Co
Rite Aid Big Fizz Root Beer
Rite Aid Simplify Root Beer
Rite Aide store brand Rite Aid
Ritz Root Beer
Miami, FL Ritz
Save-A-Lot Tubz Diet Rootbeer
Save-A-Lot Tubz Root Beer
Save-A-Lot store brand Save-A-Lot
•Slice & Pint Root Beer
1593 N Decatur Rd, Atlanta, GA 30307 Slice & Pint
Sonoma Syrup Co Root Beer Soda Syrup
Sonoma, CA Sonoma Syrup Co
Summit Craft Root Beer
Summit Sudz Root Beer Soda
Summit Vintage Soda Pop Root Beer
Batavia, IL Summit
Supervalu Super Chill Root Beer
Supervalu Wild Harvest Root Beer
Eden Prarie, MN Supervalu
Swamp Pop File Root Beer
Lafayette, LA Swamp Pop
Tommyknocker All Natural Root Beer
•Tommyknocker Root Beer
Tommyknocker Root Beer – Old Recipe
Tommyknocker Root Beer Float
Idaho Springs, CO Tommyknocker
Villa Pizza Root Beer
by Ola Company, Fort Plain, NY Villa Pizza
•Ward’s Root Beer
•Wrecking Bar Brewing Root Beer
292 Moreland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30307 Wrecking Bar Brewing

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  1. JPMac says:

    Sam’s Club RB isn’t here. I got some at a Wal-mart,$5 for a dozen cans. The stuff is foul, I’d say two parts crappy syrup, 6 parts soda water, 2 parts the contents of an ashtray.

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