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Sheetz Pop Root Beer

this summer I went on vacation to Pennsylvania with my daughters. I did not get to all the possible root beer places I had hoped to, but I did get a few new brews. luckily across from one of our hotels was a Sheetz. I don’t think I had ever been to Sheetz, but I had heard the legends and the praise for it. basically it is a regional convenience store, often with a gas station as well. they have a deli with a bunch of random fast food type foods as well as the usual things at such establishments. in New Jersey we have Wawa and Quik Chek, Massachusetts and New York state have Stewarts, I imagine most areas have their own thing. happily Sheetz also has their own soda line which includes a root beer! it only comes in 24oz plastic bottles, but whatever. looking at the old intertubes, the founding family of Sheetz are actually named “Sheetz.” huh, interesting. I can’t say I love the graphic artistry on this one, but at least it is unique, mainly featuring a giant, rolling stones-esque mouth with a tongue sticking out as the “O” in “pop.”
let’s try it out. sometimes I talk about sodas where the carbonation is sharp and just overwhelming of the whole experience. this soda is completely exemplary in that regard. I can barely taste anything here except the carbonation. to solve this I put some in a cup and stirred it up to try to get all the carbonation out. not that I should have to do that, but I am curious how it actually tastes. once that is done it is ok, just standard and dull. but without that process, which is how it is presented, it is not really any good. granted it is like $1.50 or something, but still, one can hope for better.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 24 oz plastic bottle
Available: PA

Obtained in: at Sheetz store
Head: Large Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup
Calories: 150 Sodium: 35mg
Carbs: 41g Sugar: 41g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, sodium benzoate (preservative, citric acid, acacia, natural and artificial flavors, yucca and quillaia exttractives

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