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Parlor Pumpkin Root Beer

I have been looking forward to this one for some time. in part because I like pumpkin flavored things usually and the couple pumpkin root beers I have had were rather tasty but also because Parlor’s other sodas were pretty tasty. I did have to buy a whole case of it though so for that reason as well I hope this is tasty. let us find out.
well I don’t like it much and I am trying to pin down why. it does taste sort of pumpkin-like but more on the tail end and the flavor before that just is like a strange chemical concoction that does not go over well with my taste buds. I have had much worse drinks in my time but this is still not good or a soda I would want to have again. it is pretty smooth and creamy with a large, long lasting head if you like that sort of thing. the root beer flavor is very buried under there as well. I have now actually let it get warm and it is less bad but it is warm so that makes it less tasty in a different way. I suppose I am just disappointed in this drink. at least the label is cool.

Anthony’s Rating: 40
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: PA, online

Obtained in: mailorder from company
Head: Large Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar, phosphoric acid, natural and artificial flavors, gum acabic, caramel color, sodium benzoate (preservative)

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